Spread Cheer, Not Germs!

Campaign to Combat Loneliness in Nursing Homes:

Spread Cheer, not Germs!

For all those in nursing homes—all visitors are barred, except for certain circumstances, such as end of life situations.  In addition, the homes are to cancel all group activities and communal dining.  So, residents are stuck in their rooms 24 hours a day.  They eat alone, and read or watch TV alone, as the minutes slowly tick by.  While we must take reasonable steps to protect our vulnerable elders, residents get lonely and depressed without face-to-face visits.  We already know of one elder refusing to get out of bed and to eat.

So, what can you do in place of visits?  Spread Some Cheer!  That’s right.  SPREAD CHEER NOT GERMS!  How?

Write a letter or card or draw a picture. You can’t visit but you can spread some cheer with cards and letters.  Kids can help too!  Ask them to draw a picture of their favorite person, dog, food, game or anything at all.  Older kids can write letters about how they are coping without school or not seeing their friends.  No matter the content, elders love receiving fun mail—especially from children.  Need a subject?  We will suggest a topic each day on Facebook to help you along.  How about starting with: “What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten about how to live a happy life?”

Just mail your cards, letters and drawings to VOICES, Inc., 2425 Hwy 41 North, Suite 405 or send emails to spreadcheer@voicesinc.info.  Volunteers with VOICES, Inc. will see that your cheer reaches the nursing homes.

Want to do more?  Think of things folks can do when confined to their rooms—adult coloring books and colored pencils/markers, word search books, small jigsaw puzzles, large print crossword puzzles (with a paperback dictionary), etch-a-sketch, joke books/daily calendars, music or books on CDs along with CD player, LoVision playing cards for solitaire.  Really, anything that can be done as an individual activity would be appreciated.

Order items online and have them shipped to the nursing home to be distributed to the elders.  Just include a gift card saying “I’m Spreading Cheer Instead of Germs. Please give this to someone who needs a boost.”

At this time when everyone is feeling helpless, this is something we can all do to make a difference.  Just——–SPREAD CHEER, NOT GERMS!

For more information call 1-812-423-2927.