Holiday Cheer Campaign

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VOICES conducts a holiday card drive to cheer those living in long-term care homes.   Cards are important because loneliness is possible, even in a community setting!  In 2017, VOICES delivered over 1500 hand-made holiday cards to elders in nursing homes and assisted living homes in Vanderburgh County.  The cards were made by local youth from the Ark Crisis Nursery, Evansville ARC, Boys and Girls Club, Boy Scout Troops, Carver Community Center, CMOE, local elementary schools and others.

 Greetings included:

“Keep Calm and Enjoy the Card.”

“I am 6 years old.  Do you want to be friends?  Merry Christmas”

“I hope you have a Good Good Good of the best Christmas!  You rock!!”

“Dear Person, I hope you have a wonderful Christmass this year.  I wish I could visit you this Christmass unfortunately I can’t, but anyway have a Merry Christmass and a happy new year.”

Studies have shown that those who report loneliness or feelings of isolation pass away sooner and experience significant functional declines more often than those  who feel loved and valued.  So, these holiday cards are truly good medicine!

To find out how you can donate for the 2016 Holiday Cheer Campaign, contact Michelle Motta at (812) 423-2927.

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